"Your gentle, smiling ,wise presence will stay with me always.  I will never experience art in the same way again. I will have a more emotional, physical and spiritual involvement. My brush will come alive!" Cheryl Blakeslee 

"I've found that some of the images from entirely different quotes that you used as stimuli and catalysts actually belonged together in ways that I didn't understand during the workshop. It was only after I allowed to be in the space of 'not knowing' that insights occurred. Just as it was in the workshop, the "not-knowing space" became a way station on the path to understanding, and ultimately, action.

Thank you, Alok, for working over the years to be open, clear, and grounded in these processes."  Jan Bayshor 

An amazing journey with a true master.  I bring home an open heart, a new found vulnerability followed by a sense of courage and Lightness of being. Well, I guess even an INCREDIBLE stubborn person like myself can change her beliefs.  So, I am an artist. And I like having my paintings on the walls so people can see them!!!
Lisen Sundgren

"After attending your workshop for the first time, on returning to my daily 'practice' of painting there was a sense that there would be a 'before Alok' and an 'after Alok'! It has been a profound experience.
After the 2nd workshop, on returning to my studio, the front of my body tingled as though I were entering a bright open meadow after the delight of the woods. What fun. What joy in a fresh kind of freedom.
Your workshops are clear, simple and profound. I'm grateful to you and bow to your generous heart."  Love, Liz Shepherd.

"I thought that I was taking a simple class in Japanese brush painting. What I found was a journey into, how shall I say this, the mountain of my heart....that is my heart. As I told you I have studied karate, and some of your exercises were a cross of karate and tai chi, and deep Zen philosophy. It is all one! And just what I needed in my life right now, though I didn't know it. It was joyful and fun! And I smile now thinking about it and you." 
Marcy Green

"What a gifted catalyst—generous in his giving and gracious as a teacher. Alok created the space and the energy to guide participants into their core—an exhilarating experience."         
Cara Berman

"I was hoping for a way to unblock my creativity, which I found in the workshop. I feel refreshed!"
Sandra Elliott

"Making paintings and sharing stories about them became a heart-opening experience."   
Alan Alhandeff

I consider the experience of the workshop a breakthrough in my development and my search....

As we got ready to paint "the human spirit responds to the terrorist attacks" , thanks to the techniques  Alok taught us, I could for the first time accept the emotinos and reactions I had and not identify with them. My head emptied and my hand became steady. All I could feel was compassion, and it felt as if I kissed the whole world with the brush!"

Karl Martens