"After attending your workshop for the first time, on returning to my daily 'practice' of painting there was a sense that there would be a 'before Alok' and an 'after Alok'! It has been a profound experience.
After the 2nd workshop, on returning to my studio, the front of my body tingled as though I were entering a bright open meadow after the delight of the woods. What fun. What joy in a fresh kind of freedom.
Your workshops are clear, simple and profound. I'm grateful to you and bow to your generous heart."

- Love, Liz Shepherd. Teacher of Sumi-e painting and

winner of US national awards in Sumi-e. Ashland, OR

"Your gentle, smiling ,wise presence will stay with me always. I will never experience art in the same way again. I will have a more emotional, physical and spiritual involvement. My brush will come alive! It is not often enough that special people touch our lives. Thank you for that!"

- Love, Cheryl Blakeslee. Sedona Arts Center

"I thought that I was taking a simple class in Japanese brush painting. What I found was a journey into, how shall I say this, the mountain of my heart....that is my heart. As I told you I have studied karate, and some of your exercises were a cross of karate and tai chi, and deep Zen philosophy. It is all one! And just what I needed in my life right now, though I didn't know it. It was joyful and fun! And I smile now thinking about it and you."

- Marcy Green,  Ashland, OR 

"What a gifted catalyst—generous in his giving and gracious as a teacher. Alok created the space and the energy to guide participants into their core—an exhilarating experience."

- Cara Berman, Seattle WA

"I was hoping for a way to unblock my creativity, which I found in the workshop. I feel refreshed!"

- Sandra Elliott, Seattle WA

"Making paintings and sharing stories about them became a heart-opening experience."

- Alan Alhandeff, Seattle WA

"Time to create without judgment and to work in silence."

- Rhonda Busby, Seattle WA

"A life-altering experience."

- Nancy Prolman, Seattle WA

"Alok knows how to share the fruits of his practice."

- Dahvi Neeli, Seattle WA