Alok offers 5 day 1:1 tutorial retreats at his home in Sedona Arizona USA to sincere students who would like to study Zen Creativity in depth.  

We offer below a collection of videos and testimonials from Alok's students on the Private Tutorial Retreat. 


The teacher gives me four simple words to carry in my heart while allowing my brush to manifest before any thoughts emerge: “Just be present, available, playful, and not-knowing.” He asks me if I’m creating a particular stroke in my ink painting on paper because I know how to do it, or if I am allowing space for something fresh to manifest. I understand what he’s saying, but how do I really begin from such a place of not-knowing inside myself? (...) >> continue reading it by clicking hereand be directed to Buddhist Door Magazine



Five amazing days being present, available, playful and not-knowing. We are so grateful for this precious time with Alok, zen master, zen dude, dancing, creating, discovering, laughing, crying, tasting the freshness of life! Enjoying the moment, eating salad, climbing the mountain. “Be the instrument of wisdom”. “Anything is a door”. “Peace is you without the story”.

Thank you


I'm just finishing up a Tutorial/Retreat in Zen Creativity with Alok. It has been life-changing! Alok has been very present with me and showed great compassion as I once again explore my family's past traumas. He has encouraged me to rest in presence and move from emptiness. And, from emptiness, I've been painting, living life more creatively, and "seeing" with new eyes.

Thank you Alok, JoHanna McNamee

aloz zen painting