Praise Awakening

Pacific Zen Institute Summer Retreat Occidental, CA June 1, 2009

China ink on xuan paper: 33.8 cm X 45.9 cm scroll: 47 cm X 138.4 cm

During the afternoon sutra chanting of the Zen retreat, I often find myself at my painting table painting the sutra chanting. This is the third painting I’ve done to the chanting of a Song of Praise to Konzeon, the name in Japanese of Guanyin, the Bodhisatta of Compassion. The first painting was “Dancing with Konzeon” because the tune is very danceable. The second was when Guanyin’s energy and presence just powerfully appeared before me, and when I could begin to move, I responded with a calligraphic portrait of her. The third, this painting is in praise of her awakening.