Zen Calligraphy, Alok Hsu Kwang-han






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What is Satori Art?

In Zen, “Satori” refers to an authentic savoring of Enlightenment. The best of Zen art is Satori art. It comes forth as the Zen artist is “resting in presence and moving from emptiness.” This Satori-in-action I have come to call “the creativity of non-doing.”

Presence and emptiness is the Buddha! not the historical personage, Guatama, but our and his “Buddha nature,” which in another context we might refer to as the essence of being human.

Satori art is not only transformative for the artist (I can attest to this!) but also carried the very same potential for the beholder. We are deeply attracted to Satori art because it carries the silence, fragrance, and purity of the Buddha. Its power reverberates with our nature and beckons us to “return to the Source.” Quietly entering the painting, or garden, or a cup of tea, we come home to ourselves.