Zen Calligraphy, Alok Hsu Kwang-han






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Sedona Zen Retreat! with Alok Hsu Kwang-han and Raylene Abbott

Our collaboration is an on-going creativity/work/love in progress! It thrills us with the increasing freedom and richness of it and brings us to our knees with gratitude. We feel the fluid combination of our masculine and feminine creative energies  is essential to our own evolution as mature human beings and bring a richness and balance to our work which we could not have individually on our own.

The ZenDudeMovie shows some of this evolution. 

From now on we will give exhibitions together, with both of our Zen calligraphic paintings as well as Raylene's dance, poetry and Ikebana. We have come to a clarity about our art. It is  not art for art's sake, but has a "purposeless" Zen purpose--  serving to invite the viewer to consider his/her own creativity and wisdom, healing and awakening. The exhibition also serves as a precursor and foretaste of the workshop, "Painting from the Source: Zen Creativity and the Art of Life." 

We will teach together such workshops. Raylene brings her years of leading meditation workshops, her guiding people to joyful and intimate experience with Nature, and her wisdom in developing her own unique art of life. these are described in her 6 published books. And Alok brings his "creativity of non-doing" by "resting in presence and moving from emptiness," as well as what he has digested in his 20 pilgrimages to India, his imbibing and exploration of  Chinese Chan (Zen in Japanese) for himself and for contemporary human beings, and his studying and teaching the sociology and psychology of religion.

And because we live in sacred Sedona, we are thrilled to offer together a new Sedona Zen Retreat to be custom designed for individuals or small groups that can draw upon all the meditation, skillful means, and creative abilities of both Raylene and Alok to support the healing and awakening of each person in their own unique flowering. Each person will also come to a liberating intimacy with her or himself through a Zen Calligraphic Portrait with Alok.