Workshops & Retreats

AUSTIN, TX: A Brush with Emptiness: Zen Creativity and the Art of Life, Khabele School Studio, Nov. 1 & 2, 2014. Jinji Willingham and Chris Lance are organizing this workshop in a very beautiful way! For more info begin here And to register click here

Sedona Zen Retreat! Custom tailored to your interest and schedule, for individuals, friends, family and corporate groups: Zen meditation, Zen Creativity, intimate experience with Nature in Sedona, calligraphic Portraits by Alok ... You are welcome to inquire: 206 920 6405; More info ...

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Calligraphic Portraits

You watch existence portray your essence here-now in the flow of ink through brush onto paper. The painting speaks with beauty what words cannot say -- juxtaposed with what we think we are this or this or that we smile and look deeper,we come home to ourselves ... read more


Zen Calligraphy, Alok Hsu Kwang-han






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